Telehealth refers to psychotherapy services that occur through videochat.  Telehealth entails utilizing a computer or phone to virtually attend your counseling session through HIPAA compliant software (provided by us).  The benefits of telehealth services are:

  • Allows counselors to connect with people who may not otherwise be able to access services-–such as individuals in rural areas or with mobility or transportation issues.
  • Easy to use and does not require our clients to purchase video conferencing software.
  • Soul Survivor staff are able to easily guide clients through the use of this platform.
  • Recognized as a beneficial mental health service.
  • Covered by most insurances.

It is always recommended to check with individual insurance plans for telehealth coverage.

Telehealth services are not appropriate for all clients. Generally, those who are experiencing struggles with self-harm and safety concerns are not appropriate for telehealth. Should telehealth services not be a good fit for you, we will assist you with alternative options.