Realities of Rape

  1. Rape is a crime of violence and aggression. It is not motivated by sexual needs, but by the need to abuse, humiliate, degrade and control.
  2. Rape occurs between strangers, acquaintances, friends, relatives, and spouses. Anyone can be raped, regardless of age, race, religion, economic or educational status.
  3. In North Dakota, 88% of all rapes occur by someone known to the victim.
  4. Most rape is not reported; this is counted on by the rapist. The victim's feelings of helplessness and shame are counted on.
  5. Although society's attitudes are slowly changing, many victims remain afraid to tell anyone because they fear disbelief, judgment, ostracism, and lack of support.
  6. If you survive a rape, you did everything right, it is not your fault. The abuser is responsible for their actions, regardless of what you did or did not do.

Myths of Rape

The following list comprises some MYTHS and FACTUALLY INCORRECT statements about rape.

    • Rape rarely happens.
    • Rape occurs only between strangers.
    • Most rapes occur at night in dark places when women are out alone.
    • It can't happen to me.
    • Women actually enjoy rape and often are asking for it by their actions or dress.
    • No one can be raped against her will and rape is impossible if the woman really resists.
    • If rape is imminent, a woman should relax and enjoy it.
    • Women secretly fantasize about rape.
    • Victims of sexual assault are always bruised and battered and seriously injured. Afterwards they are hysterical. Otherwise, it was obviously not a REAL rape.
    • Women often accuse innocent men of rape.
    • You can tell a rapist by looking at them.
    • You can't get pregnant from a rape.
    • There is no way to protect oneself against sexual assault.
    • Rape is a fact of human existence. There is no solution for it.
    • A victim of sexual assault will never be the same again.
    • Things have changed recently, and nobody can get away with rape anymore. It is easy to prosecute rapists.
    • Men can't rape their own wives.
    • Men do not have to be concerned about rape because it only affect women.
    • Naturally, people are concerned when someone is raped. Everyone can be expected to be supportive and understanding of a rape victim.