Rates and Insurance

Payment options

  • Accepts most insurances
  • Sliding Fee
  • Alternate methods for qualifying crime victims


Methods of Payment

  • Check or Cash
  • Credit Card – Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover


Fee Policy

As of January 1, 2013, the rate of individual 50-minute sessions is $150.  There is a minimum charge of $45 for phone conversations over 10 minutes in length and then prorated from the hourly rate for any time beyond 15 minutes.  Clients are encouraged to set up an appointment if there is any expectation a phone conversation may last longer than 10-15 minutes.   Phone conversations are NOT covered by insurance.

For clients that are uninsured, or where insurance policies do not provide coverage for counseling, or for clients that may be unable to pay the anticipated fees, a sliding fee scale is available and must be arranged during the initial appointment.

Couples counseling services are not typically covered by most health insurance policies.  A sliding fee scale is available and fees can be determined with our billing department prior to services.

For clients paying out-of-pocket, payment is due at the time services are provided.

To avoid a “late/cancel/no show” fee for non-emergency absences, a 24-hour minimum notice is required.

Clients have the final responsibility for the payment of services rendered.

Inquire about interest-free payment plan for qualifying clients.