Effects of Violence

Domestic violence is a perpetration on the safety and security of an individual - most commonly women - affected every aspect of daily life - even when partner does not appear to be actively abusing. Effects on women who have been abused may include:


Including fear, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, emotional numbing, hyper-vigilance.


Pain from injuries, STDs, chronic pain associated with prolonged stress or depression, dehydration, self-injury, drug or alcohol use, malnutrition, sleep deprivation, lack of medical care, death.


Isolation from family and friends, lack of freedom to engage socially without negative consequences, lack of opposite sex friends or associations, lack of social support, feeling less valuable than others, feeling like an outcast and a loss of community.


Unsafe living environment, lack of decisions about living arrangement, geographic isolation.


Sexual violence, sexual humiliation, exploitation, sexual dysfunction.


Inability to secure or maintain employment, lack of access to family finances, unable to make financial decisions, poverty inside the relationship and economic downshift post separation.


Feeling abandoned by higher power, feeling disconnected from faith community, expectations of punishment, irrational guilt resulting from blame for abuse by perpetrator. Loss of hope for spiritual support and messages from faith community to stay in abusive relationship (i.e. divorce is a sin).